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The two men were standing in the midst of darkness.
Water was running down Remus' back, running down his neck.
Running down his eyes.
Or maybe those were tears.
He could hear himself speak, his voice dripping with irony.
"Oh, yes sure, you're just here to visit me, not to spy me.
There's no way it can come to your mind that I'm the traitor.
Don't try to fool me Sirius. I know you don't trust me."
Rain was drumming down on the streets.
He could barely see the man in front of him,
although he was only inches away.
There was a big distance between them though,
not made of measure, but of pain, mistrust & words never said.
S irius seemed worlds away.
"I trust you. I do.", Sirius whispered.
"I told you to don't lie to me!"
Remus couldn't hold the sobbing,
all the tears he kept back for so long were leaking out,
drowning them & the streets around.
Or was this the rain?
"Tell me! Tell me one reason, why, of all people, you should trust me!!"
"I love you", said Sirius.
& suddenly, there was no distance between them anymore.

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